About Studio Kroon by Daylène Kroon

Daylène Kroon (1990) is a young art director and mixed media artist with a graphic state of mind. Also known as designer and concept developer with an artist mentality. As a child, she used to create handmade gifts with a personal message from unused materials. The believe in a personal handmade touch is still reflected in her work, as well as developing bright, silly and profound ideas into workable concepts. This often moves you to a world where digital and analog are lovely lovers, identity, humanity and social issues collaborate and polished and rough go hand in hand.

In 2017 she graduated from the University of the arts Utrecht majoring in Image and media technology. Daylene’s intuitive and visual-aesthetic way of working leads to a very personal and authentic form in film, performances, digital and print-work.

Currently she is working as a freelance multidisciplinary artist under the name StudioKroon, focussing on concept development, art direction, art performances, visual arts, (handmade) animations, graphic and typographic designs and what not? She directed, edited and animated (with co-animator Laetitia Roling) the youth documentary De locker for NPO/Human/3Lab and 'Menslijke trekjes' which will be released at the beginning of 2018. Daylène is also one of two-headed designer duo Terror & Hossel.

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