I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept ANGELA DAVIS ™

Studio Kroon           

If human beings can be trained for cruelty, greed and a belief in power which comes through hate, fear and force, certainly we can train equally well for greatness, mercy and the power of love, which comes because of the strength of the good qualities to be found in the soul of every human being.

It is this core of humanity - in the culture of fear we life in - what I consider the inspiration for my work, collaborations and fundamental ideas concerning the world. I believe prejudices are just indications of the immaturity of our minds, although deep meaning often lies in childisch-artistic play. When I play, my main focus usually lies on identity, which I find in analogue versus digital and conceptual versus visual development. Wanna play? Wait no longer and send me a mail.

For Virgilmoreno        



Interaction with self or maybe the alter ego, trying to catch a glimps of the world within – Virgil Moreno Venchino. 

I am an alter ego, just a part of someone bigger. The part that has a voice, some sort of confidence. The part that makes no noise, and that isn't conscious. I am an alter ego; I takeover when it's right for me. I will never be seen, if you see the greater me. 

Co-directed and filmed by Rene Huwae. Art direction by Terror & Hossel (Daylène Kroon & Denise Bassahan), commissioned by Cry Havoc Foundation.

For omroep Human         


DIRECTED, EDITED AND ANIMATED   Episode 1: Luca’s ADHD kamervlog.

This vlog is part of a pilot for De Locker. De Locker tells stories or secrets from high school students, which they normally don’t post online. De Locker, based on idea by Els van Driel, is created for Omroep HUMAN, 3FM Tussenuur and NPO 3LAB. Special thanks to Laurens Lenssen (co-direction, sound), Laetitia Roling (co-animation) and Luc Schraauwers (camera).

“Het is één van de redenen waarom de dappere Luca zijn verhaal wilde doen aan Daylène Kroon, één van de makers van De Locker, die op een wel heel bijzondere wijze het verhaal van Luca in beeld wilde brengen.

En daar slaagde Daylène in. Aan de hand van Luca's verhalen probeerde Daylène de mechanismes van zijn brein te animeren. En dat leverde een zeer spraakmakend en toch ook intiem portret op.” - 3fm tussenuur

For Framez productions         



Inspired on the Dutch TV show ‘Ik hou van Holland’, Framez productions and I created this tastefull cheesy parody ‘Ik hou van Bizzey’. After scoring loads of club hits, Bizzey shot right into the target with this one. After publishing this dirty Dutch song already became in as a number one hit in The Netherlands. 

“Het antwoord op je vraag is, ja.Ja. Ja. Ja. Ja. Ja. Ja. Ja. Ja. Ja. Ja. Ja. Ja.”

Bizzey x Kraantje pappie x Yungfelix x Chivv, featuring Vonneke Bonneke, Défano Holwijk, Youstoub, Niels Oosthoek, rapper Sjors and more. Shout out to Melissa Kooijmans, who did assistent art direction.

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